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Protects Against ALL Plant Viruses

RNA Pro works on plants at the genetic level, coating the genetic material with a protein which blocks viruses. These viruses are then locked out and unable to attach to your plants’ RNA. This prevents the symptoms of yellow or grey blemishes in mosaic or streak patterns, leaves that appear blistered, receding pistols, stunted growth, reduced vigor, twisting or mutated cellular growth.

Use Once Weekly to See Results

When used once a week RNA Pro is 100% effective at suppressing the symptoms of viruses in your plants.  We have tested the product over 1,000 times across several plant species that were infected with different viruses, and RNA Pro has worked every time. Once the product is used to treat the water once a week all the new growth is 100% healthy.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At RNA Pro our team is focused on helping you to correctly diagnose your plants’ symptoms, whether you have a virus or not. Our experts will take you through several steps that will help you narrow the variables and determine how to best treat your plants. We have seen enough evidence to extend a 100% guarantee on our product.

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RNA-Pro 3-Pack (3x8oz)

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